Rocket Vape Pen and Cartridge FAQ


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Rocket Vape Pens and Cartridges

Thanks for choosing to purchase a Buddy Boy Oil Cartridge! Our wickless cartridges are specially chosen so we can have the highest potency and most delicious oils without any of the problems of cotton or nylon wicks. This ensures you get the most out of your cartridge to the last drop. As part of that, we have some suggestions for how to best use and store your valuable concentrates!

Keep the cartridges in a cool dry place, preferably stored upright and with the silicone cap on the end to prevent leakage. It’s best used on the Buddy Boy Batteries, which are rated at 3.7 volts. Don’t take too much at once, this is a highly concentrated marijuana product. Start with a few puffs and wait 5-10 minutes before using more if you like. Remember, low and slow is the key for a new user.  If you’re like me…well that’s a different story!

Many people are wondering how we get our product to be so excellent. While other companies use fillers and diluting agents, like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, our cartridges have no added fillers or preservatives. The only flavors you taste are from specially designed and extensively researched terpene recipes, which are all natural ingredients present in the cannabis itself. Our Sativa Energy cartridges are best used in the morning, and are designed to give you a productive and creative high. The Indica Relax cartridges are best used in the evening, and promote relaxation and wellness.

Keep an eye out for our forthcoming CBD based cartridges!


What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are under study for having several potential therapeutic uses, both in aromatherapy and in your diet. Terpenes are generally responsible for what is called the “entourage effect” when it comes to cannabis, and largely responsible for the different nuances of your high when you smoke different strains. While everyone is different, there are generally a few types of terpene effects you can reliably count on. Linalool, derived from lavender and other plants, has a relaxing effect. Limonene, derived from citrus like oranges and lemons, has an uplifting effect. Several types of pinene and carophyllene are thought to be responsible for anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. While any one of these is not directly responsible for the differences between strains, it’s the combination of cannabinoid ratios and terpene ratios that give each strain, and therefore each concentrate, it’s unique effects.

How do you get it so pure?

Our oil starts off as quality trim material that we extract using organic high proof ethanol, and then distilled under vacuum to remove all solvent. After that happens, we are left with a beautiful oil that can be treated further to make shatter, crumble, and other products. For our best products, we start with the shatter quality oil and distill it using a process called molecular distillation, which is done under high vacuum to isolate the desired compounds and draw them out.

How do you get it so tasty?

After molecular distillation, the high THC compounds are mixed in with terpenes to give it a better consistency and flavor, in addition to allowing users to experience different types of highs. This material is then carefully added to our cartridges in exact increments using a high precision pump, meaning you get exactly what you paid for. No fillers, no loss, just pure delicious oil that you can vaporize discreetly and effectively.

Will you ever have different flavors?

Each strain we extract will be made using the same process, but as part of that each strain is also slightly different. We separate our runs by strain, so you can be guaranteed that each pen from that strain is the same, but differences between strains will still stand out. The oil team is hard at work to make your favorite concentrates using your favorite flowers, so keep an eye out for us in the stores, or better yet, request something from the stores on their social media pages!