The Buddy Boy Story


Buddy Boy has a habit of using the most natural & organic methods of growing our numerous strains. Our growmasters constantly work toward nourishing & creating the cleanest finest buds on the planet for YOU! 40 years of certified organic farming have taught us how to do it right. No harsh chemical herbicides pesticides or fungicides are ever used on our lovely ladies. Our Cannabis drinks only clean clear spring water (no chlorine or chemicals there either) from a natural spring right here at the farm. We use the most natural & organic soil amendments we can find giving our girls the tender loving care they need to make fine giant potent buds. Buddy Boy Farm is located in a quiet valley in Eastern Washington where the weather is sunny sometimes even when it rains! If you are interested in a farm tour or just want to come and say HI! We are open for that. Please fill out fan form with your information & we’ll get right back to you! Come visit in the summer & enjoy organic fruits & veggies organically grown right here at Buddy Boy Farm. We’ll be waiting for you!

About the Family

We started our Cannabis venture with a solid group of good friends & family. Steve & I had been in the organic farming business for about 40 years  when the opportunity to grow this Wonder Weed finally came our way.  After raising our kids here on the farm we knew most everyone for miles around. We had been friends with DJ & Laura for many years & one day they came to see if we might be interested in a business partnership. They both grew up near us & were our daughter’s good buddies all their lives.  So we all just got this thing going. DJ had developed some superior phenotypes, including God’s Gift & Royal Queen, with a long time medical grow & along came friends and family with more expertise than we ever expected.

We have over 100 varieties to choose from here at the farm some indoor & some outdoor…many thrive in both! We do our very best to insure the finest quality bud available in every way. We have been growing a long time but are still learning & finding new ways to provide Your Best Buds. Please let us know what you think of our products & how we might better serve you.



Owner / Grower

The "big man" at Buddy Boy! Steve has been a large scale Organic Vegetable, Fruit, Grain, & Hay, farmer for 40 years!  He has so much soil experience, plant growth experience, and farm experience it's unheard of in the Cannabis Industry. A true organic farmer is a BIG BONUS to the grow. 

DJ "Deej"

 Owner / Grower / General Manager

"DJ" has brought together an exceptional team of friends & family to tend the grow. His long time relationships with Buddy Boy crew members is proving to be a huge benefit to the spirit, quality, and efficiency of our operations. DJ has been in this area all his life and knows how to get the most from our "ladies" in our environmental conditions. He places his greatest emphasis on production of quality product with attention to detail on every aspect of the grow indoor & out.  

Josh Sicilia


Josh has spent the last 2 and a half years traveling this state pioneering his way through this amazing industry. One of his favorite things is visiting the stores, seeing all parts of this scenic state and making so many new friends along the way. If he is not in a Buddy Boy shirt then there is a good chance he is sporting some type of WSU gear. He has been a part of the Buddy Boy family since January 2016 but has been a part of the industry since the very beginning. He enjoys his family and has been known to play some golf in the past.

Nick, Conner, Randy & Casey


EXPERIENCE!!!! That's what we have here in a word. Years of EXPERIENCE as medical growers have kept these guys in the forefront of the industry. EXPERIENCE finding excellent strains and learning various growing techniques for quality indoor & outdoor varieties. EXPERIENCE in growing techniques. Our team puts heart and soul into the grow and we are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable cornerstone to build upon. 

Galadriel W.

Sales / Marketing / Pack Manager/ Cheerleader / Counselor

Galadriel has been with us since she was born, she's our daughter. She grew up on our farm, started her family, then put herself through school showing her determination & resolve. Galadriel's fun disposition keeps everyone happy here. She does sales & marketing with DJ & Josh. Her constant happiness reminds us everyday how Blessed we are to have her here still loving to work at BBF!

The rest of the bunch

So many amazing people!

There are many more hands here at the farm who spend long productive hours helping with everything from building, to finished products. We are grateful for all their effort and commitment to making Buddy Boy "YOUR BEST BUD".


Delivery & Harvest Master

Ian is the perfect guy for delivery & harvest. He has a deep background in public service giving him an easy going attitude & a safety first direction. All kinds of expertise came with the addition of Ian to the crew. I'm sure if you work at a store you've met this sweet guy.